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            .: Ski  :: Skiing in Ottawa and Gatineau Park

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            Gatineau Park Cross-Country Ski Trail Reports - SkiTrails.
            Sorry, the team hasn't posted any reports in the last 7 days. But check for reports here!
            Latest News. . .
            2020 Gatineau Loppet Wax Guess  -  Craig Storey (2020/02/13)
            Gatineau Loppet weekend is here again, and this year there's a cold day and a warm day.
            2020 CSM Wax guess  -  Craig Storey (2020/02/07)
            I've been prodded to make a prognostication..
            Rideau River Winter Trail Event - March 2nd, 2019  -  Mathieu Fleury (2019/03/01)
            A celebration of the pilot grooming of the Rideau River Winter Trail
            Ski Day on the Hill 2019  -  Team XC Ottawa (2019/02/25)
            4th annual event!
            2019 Gatineau Loppet Wax recommendation  -  Team XC Ottawa (2019/02/15)
            Here's the best guess for Saturday and Sunday.
            2019 Gatineau Loppet Elite Race Details (Saturday 51km Classic)  -  Gatineau Loppet (2019/02/12)
            The Gatineau Loppet has a rich history of bringing some of the very best loppet racers from Canada and the world to Gatineau. This is a tradition that the Gatineau Loppet is working hard to preserve!
            Gatineau Loppet
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